Session A Classes

Wed - Thurs, Sept 8 - 9, 2021

Michelle Yeo

"Eliza's Quilt"

"Eliza's Quilt" is inspired by a quilt made in 1809 in either South Carolina or Virginia, presumably by Eliza Thompson, whose name is embroidered within the central floral wreath vase in the original quilt.  The first time I saw a photo of this quilt I fell in love with it and I was then lucky enought to view the quilt in person on my first trip to the US in 2014, and at that time, I was granted permission to reproduce it.

"Eliza's Quilt" features a central whimsical floral vase from which a symmetrical vine meanders throughout the quilt featuring bouquets of Broderie Perse flowers cut from a variety of fabrics.  A bird and butterflies complete the appliqued quilt centre.  The two coloured 'Twisted Ribbon' border deviates from that on the 1809 quilt as it is an original design.  In the sample quilt the twisted ribbons were first hand pieced and then appliqued on the border, however, they can be totally appliqued if desired.

58" x 58"

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