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Session A Classes
Wed - Thurs, Sept 6 - 7, 2023

Michelle Yeo

"Prairie Garden"

BOTP 2021 Michelle Yeo Session B 2.jpg

The centre block in Prairie Garden was inspired by an invitation to teach an appliqué technique class featuring some of the different appliqué techniques commonly used in quilts, such as needle-turn appliqué, blanket stitch, and reverse appliqué. The quilt was to be taught at Baltimore in the Prairie in Nebraska, USA, in September 2021, but due to Covid 19 and overseas travel restrictions, this sadly had to be cancelled.  Happily though I'll be teaching it in 2023!  The central block features a pot of flowers and is very scrappy in nature using a variety of fabrics within the leaves and flowers to add to its charm. The background of the block uses a patterned print to simulate a wallpaper backdrop to the pot of flowers.
This block is set into a hexagon to become the centre of a larger medallion-type quilt. The hexagon is squared off to sit on-point and the setting triangles feature appliquéd birds and flowers. A simple appliquéd border surrounds the quilt centre. The quilt is completed with a series of borders featuring pieced blocks.

BOTP 2021 Michelle Yeo Session B 3.jpg
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