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Session B Classes
Fri - Sat, Sept 8 - 9, 2023

Dena Rosenberg

"Woven Basket"

BOTP 2023 Dena Rosenberg Session B.jpg

This stunning woven basket is filled with both beauty and opportunities to learn.  Using the needle turn technique for the applique, learn how to make incredible thin stems along with the walls of the basket.  Learn how not only to make split leaves with two different fabrics, but how to achieve the same look with one fabric. Holly leaves also fill this basket giving a festive air, and the subtle curve is easily accomplished.  The stuffed roses are the final addition to this incredible basket.  Learn how to vary the stuffing in each rose to create a wonderful contrast, adding to the incredible eye appeal of this gorgeous block.

BOTP 2023 Dena Rosenberg Session B 3.jpg
botp 2023 Dena Rosenberg Session B 6.jpg
BOTP 2023 Dena Rosenberg Session B 7.jpg
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