Session A Classes
Wed - Thurs, Sept 7 - 8, 2022

Teri Young & Kara Mason

"Woodland Reverie in Wool"

_Woodland Reverie in Wool Quilt Top (002).JPG

Welcome to our Woodland Reverie! This class will offer four blocks in our woodland quilt, covering all the seasons: Spring Robin, Summer Fox Wreath, Autumn Mushrooms, and Winter Owls. We will focus on one of the blocks in class but cover all the skills needed to create this four-block wall-hanging. Techniques will include wool appliqué, stumpwork, ribbon embroidery, weaving a wreath, and working with a variety of fibers, including wool roving and velvet.

Design area of blocks is 12" x 12".

Required kit fee of $25 will include full patterns and special materials for all four blocks: hand-dyed velvet for acorns, pussy willows, mushroom caps, blackberries, and coneflower centers; seam binding ribbon for blue flowers; beads for blackberries; sari silk yarn for wreaths; wool roving for moss and fox; and a variety of fibers for the nest.

Optional full quilt kit including background will be available for purchase. We will also have the options of purchasing a separate wool kit, thread kit, and/or ribbon kit—if you only need to add parts of the list to your stash!

_Summer Fox (002).jpeg
_Winter Owls (002).jpeg
_Spring Robin (002).jpeg
_Autumn Mushrooms (002).jpeg
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