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Session B Classes
Fri - Sat, Sept 8 - 9, 2023

Teri Young & Kara Mason

"High Tea Plate"

BOTP 2023 Teri Kara Session B closeup 4.jpeg
BOTP 2023 Teri Kara Session B closeup 3.jpeg

Resting on a plate rack, this beautifully embellished plate is ready to be used for a special high tea, which is the name of our latest quilt - High Tea.  This lovely dish is adorned with flowers and a sweet little bird, using a mix of wool, cotton, ribbon, and other embellishments.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy the ribbon flowers are to make as we learn the techniques in class.  Embroidery stitches and basic wool applique will lay the foundation for your created blooms.

BOTP 2023 Teri Kara Session B closeup 1.jpeg
BOTP 2023 Teri Kara Sessin B closeup 2.jpeg
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