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Session B Classes
Fri - Sat, Sept 6 - 7, 2024

Teri Young & Kara Mason


Ribbon comes to life as beautiful blooms in this lovely

bouquet. We were inspired by an antique chromolithograph print from Germany entitled “Zierblumen,” dated 1894. In this class, we will learn a variety of techniques for transforming ribbon into roses, carnations, fuchsia, pansies, geraniums, and forget-menots. We will use back-basting appliqué for most of the foliage, though we will create some leaves using ultrasuede and wired ribbon. Of course, if you have a favorite appliqué method, you are free to use it. Basic embroidery stitches will add the finishing touches. Required kit includes all ribbon and special materials needed to complete the block. Come and join the fun!

BOTP 2024 Teri Kara Session B Zierblumen7.JPG
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