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Session B Classes

Fri - Sat, Sept 10 - 11, 2021

Barbara Carper

"Daffodils from Susan's Garden"

BOTP 2021 Barbara Carper Daffodils Sessi

Session B Classes
Fri - Sat, Sept 8 - 9, 2023

Missie Carpenter
"Early American Spirit"

BOTP 2023 Missie Carpenter Session B.jpg

Early America Spirit- 24” finished block

This block is inspired by the early American eagle round and oval mirrors and frames.  The class will focus on starch basting the shapes (Otherwise known as prepared edge) using Missie’s original notions for this technique.  These notions make a huge difference in the success of starch basting, gaining sharp points and small shapes with ease.  The challenges in this block will be the eagle and leaves.  When broken down into the techniques Missie uses, these challenging units are very manageable!  There will be more blocks in this series coming soon.

Prior to the workshop Missie will provide a link to purchase kits and supplies for those in the class so it’s easy for you to get things you need. 

BOTP 2023 Missie Carpenter Session B 1.JPG
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